Taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint – we offer BioCarbon Laminates your environmental friendly option

Taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint,

BioCarbon Laminates are passionate about taking positive steps to become Net Zero by 2030. These Laminates are designed to assist in this goal, supporting clients to become sustainable with carbon neutral laminates that meet the needs of every installation project.

Commitments are:

Our carbon neutral journey All products conform to CE mark standards of health and safety, make use of sustainable raw materials and are available as FSC® certified* materials. With our passion to make a difference to the environment, we are on hand to support our customers who want to continue the carbon neutrality journey. They commit to doing this by:

Engaging in carbon off-setting through the use of renewables including               

hydroelectric power

Exchanging VOC-emitting resin for a water-based alternative

Countering CO2 emissions with a reforestation tree-planting programme