About Us

At Laminform we manufacture washroom systems and cubicles using decorative laminate at our factory in South Tyneside and supply our products throughout the UK. Our washroom systems can incorporate toilet cubicles, shower cubicles, vanity units, wall panelling, duct panelling and any other laminated components you may require.

Our range of products is designed to suit all types of use and potential target environment and in order to do this we manufacture using high pressure laminate, compact laminate and melamine faced chipboard. All our products are available in a comprehensive range of colours and effects drawn from all the major laminate manufacturers.

Whilst Laminform are primarily washroom manufacturers, our highly skilled factory operatives enjoy using their experience and skill to meet any challenge, so we are always pleased to consider any type of project which involves the use of laminate. This could be as simple as the manufacture of cills or shelves or as complex as the forming of circular columns.

Although the majority of our business is on a supply only basis we can also provide an installation service which is subject to availability of resource at the time of your installation. Our experienced site installation team will make sure your installation is carried out safely, professionally and efficiently.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services and we will work closely with you to help to ensure you achieve your goals.

Laminform has a proven track record within the construction industry. We have worked with many of the major construction companies on high profile projects and for construction companies of all sizes on numerous, perhaps less prestigious, but in our eyes equally important projects. We also work directly with many different types of end user including councils, schools and universities.