Solid Surface Acrylic Work Tops and Wash Basin

Solid surfaces are ideal for commercial, education and healthcare sectors. This material can be formed and designed to suit all applications and ideal for wash basins, wash rooms and many other applications including nurse stations and wall panelling.

The material we use is Corian® Solid Surface, it is a beautiful, versatile, composite material made from a blend of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer.

Corian® is a leading-edge solid surface that stays elegant, distinctive, hygienic and durable whether specified for interiors or exteriors, and is a peerless choice for a surprisingly broad spectrum of vertical and horizontal applications across commercial, education and healthcare environments.

The beautiful purity of Corian® can also be thermoformed, engraved, seamlessly joined or backlit, offering designers the scope to experiment with luminosity and form. Still further dimensionality can come with engraved, bespoke designs creating beautifully tactile surface texture and pattern.

Corian® Solid Surface – graceful but tough; innovative but practical; seamless but formable.

A key attribute to this product is that it leaves no place for bacteria and mould to take root, the nonporous surface and the inconspicuous seams provides a perfect fabric. Marks and stains can be easily and quickly removed.

Hygienic and reliable: when it looks clean, it is clean!

Contact us to discuss your requirements, bespoke also availble.