At Laminform we have developed a range of accessible Laminate panel systems to meet the stringent requirements of a modern health industry. With the addition of hinged panel access options we endeavour to integrate our products with a wide range of standard NHS clinical sanitary ware, for ease of use and maintenance.

With a choice of Moisture resistant laminated panels (Diamond) or water Impervious Sold grade laminate panels (Graphite) options to suit location and performance criteria, our secure ducting when combined with our factory assembled frames produce a practical hygienic solution to clinical environments.

Graphite accessible duct assemblies are manufactured to meet the criteria of HTM68 Duct and Panel Assemblies using component materials which are water resistant and easily cleaned. When used in conjunction with approved sanitary and brass ware our Healthcare Duct Systems will comply with the requirements of HTM64.

Our Graphite solid grade laminate panels are impervious to water making an ideal solution for healthcare environments ensuring the very highest levels of hygiene and infection control and a reduction in the risk of health care associated infections (HCAI).

Laminform Graphite accessible duct panelling has been internally tested and found to comfortably exceed the minimum loading requirement of 140kg required within HTM64.

Laminform Graphite accessible duct assemblies are manufactured and installed to achieve compliance with HTM68 and HBN 00-10 Part C.