Factory Facilities

The company has the machinery necessary to produce a wide variety of products in both small and large volumes. Our key criteria when selecting machinery is flexibility and speed of setup which helps us make the manufacturing process as efficient as possible minimising and whenever possible removing the potential for bottle necks. This enables us to achieve and maintain an excellent record for delivering our products on time.

The main functions carried out during the manufacturing process are:

Cutting is primarily carried out on a Giben beam saw with additional third blade capability for fast and accurate cutting of post formed ducts. Yield optimisation software enables us to balance production efficiency and waste minimisation at optimum cost. Back up cutting support and additional capacity is provided by our recent purchase, a Nanxing beam saw, which also has the capability to cut laminate.

Edge Banding is done by a Homag edge bander capable of producing a high degree of finish on both square and post formed panels with solid timber, laminate or PVC edging.

Postforming of specialist items is done on a traditional Bonding Systems static post forming machine with volume production of a more general nature done by a modern linear post former manufactured by Turanlar. This machine utilises halogen light making it both energy efficient and cost effective.

Machining is achieved through a machining centre from Anderson CNC. The three metre bed easily copes with the larger compact laminate partition sizes now often required. Both drilling and machining can be carried out with a high degree of accuracy and speed.

Computer aided manufacturing software, integrates seamlessly with key machinery providing excellent accuracy and production efficiency.